Web Remittance System Freshened and Enhanced

Since 2002, the Saskatchewan Teachers' Retirement Plan (STRP) and Saskatchewan Teachers' Superannuation Commission (STSC) have provided the Web Remittance System (WRS) to School Boards. The WRS allows for seamless uploading, viewing, correcting and remitting of payroll contribution data to the STRP, STSC, and Saskatchewan Teachers' Federation (STF). With the ability to parse multiple data sets and formats, the WRS is a consolidated remittance point for the school board offices. As well, with highly configurable data tests and reporting functionality the remittance process is empowered by providing real time feedback and validation.

Recently, ESTI was contracted to upgrade the WRS from an Oracle Portal solution to Oracle's Advanced Development Framework built upon the industry standard of Java 6. Along with the upgrade also came numerous enhancements to the WRS including:

  • Uploading, editing, viewing and remitting Contract Information (Enrolments, Terminations, Leaves, etc) by School Boards
  • Processing of Contract Information by STF staff
  • Advanced data tests to verify integrity of remitted data
  • A Checklist System to automate new member account creation and both secure electronic and paper mail out letters
  • Dashboard reporting tools to support Business Intelligence needs
  • Modern look and feel with Oracle's ADF technology

Data Warnings

These enhancements streamline the remittance process by verifying data in real time to the school boards. Separate data tests are put in place for both payroll and member files making certain the integrity of the data. Workflows are configurable to automate the majority of the member enrolment and termination process, with manual oversight possible where desired.

Dashboard Fee Trends

Reporting tools allow at a glance the data that has been received. The new Dashboard allows individual member lookup, board summaries, and data trends. With business intelligence, incorrect fee payments and trending to incorrect fee payments are displayed in easy to use reports with advanced filtering and sorting. All reports are exportable with one click to Microsoft Excel using Oracle ADF's built in functionality.

Dashboard Teacher Lookup

Contract Information administration leverages the same proven functionality School boards use to upload and remit payroll data files. After school boards remit contract information files, additional tests are performed on the data which take the information and split it based on predetermined criteria. Comparisons are made between new remitted data and existing data which are visually displayed for a quick look at changes coming in. When the process and verification is complete, the data is passed off to the Checklist System.

Automated New Teacher Letter

One of the major enhancements to the WRS was the addition of the Checklist System to enable workflow and generate Smart Letters. Smart Letters are templates based off of Microsoft Word documents that are used to merge with data from the WRS database. This allows for automated letter creation when new member information is remitted which benefits not only the STF, STRP and STSC but their members as well. Additionally, the Checklist System automates notifications to the School Boards by generating documents of changes and sending the information to the Board via Secure Messaging, a feature introduced last year and carried over with the upgrade. Finally, the Checklist System integrates with LDAP servers to automate the creation of teacher accounts in third party software systems. The entire Checklist System includes a visual interface so that progress can be monitored.

Automated Board Change Report

ESTI congratulates the Saskatchewan Teachers Federation, Saskatchewan Teachers' Retirement Plan, and Saskatchewan Teachers' Superannuation Commission for their successful upgrade and enhancements to the WRS.

Project Members

STF/STRP Core Project Team

  • Natalie Zealand - Manager of Accounting
  • Shelley Wall - Coordinator, Teacher Benefits
  • Mike Elchuk - IT Manager
  • Pat Boechler - Group Benefits Representative
  • Jody Richard - Administrative Clerk, Administration/Governance
  • Danielle Chiasson - Accounting Supervisor
  • Kerri Wright - Accounts Payable Clerk
  • Terri Davidson - Accounts Receivable Clerk

STSC Core Project Team

  • Doug Volk - Executive Director

ESTI Core Project Team

  • George Biswas - Analyst
  • Rob Marsh - Analyst
  • Chris Graham - Analyst
  • Alicia Hanwell - Analyst
  • Jeff Banow - Principal Analyst
  • Daniel Simair - Principal Analyst