Secure Messaging

The Saskatchewan Teachers' Retirement Plan (STRP) and ESTI have worked closely for over 15 years and ESTI is pleased to announce yet another successful addition to the STRP's suite of software: STRP Secure Messaging. This implementation of ESTI's Secure Messaging platform was tailored specifically to fit into the existing Web Remittance System (WRS) and Green File imaging software and now allows the STRP to communicate sensitive information securely to Saskatchewan school boards.

The Secure Messaging system is a business interaction tool. Too often people are provided with yet another email account in a futile attempt to better communication. A huge benefit of this Secure Messaging system is that it integrates seamlessly into the existing software and processes already in use by the STRP and Saskatchewan school board staff. Secure Messaging isn't just email ' it is business communication that brings information to whomever needs it and in a relevant context. Consider a typical scenario:

At fiscal year end, the STRP pension remittance administrator runs a data validation tool against the data (submitted throughout the year via WRS) in their Oracle Database and Oracle Reports are generated that highlight data needing adjusting. The remittance administrator makes comments on the PDF reports, attaches them to a new Secure Message and sends the message to a school board. The Secure Message is securely stored in a database and a notification is sent to all message subscribers at the recipient school board.

School board staff can view the contents of the Secure Message only after logging in to the WRS. After making the appropriate corrections to their payroll, the board staff upload the adjustments back into WRS (no manual data re-entry!) where the WRS automatically validates the adjustments in real-time against the very same data that the STRP remittance administrator is looking to correct. Meanwhile, back at the STRP, all Secure Messages are automatically filed into their Green File imaging system allowing Secure Messages to be accessed centrally alongside all other paper and digital correspondence with that school board.

While the full business solution described is the end result of years of discerning advancement in efficiency and technology by the STRP, the Secure Messaging component enhances the communication and security of private information between parties. With paper mail taking days for delivery, non-digital fax delivery being error prone and regular e-mail unsecure, electronic Secure Messaging allows business to meet security legislation, increase efficiency and operate to their potential.