Portaplan Gets A Facelift

The Saskatchewan Teachers' Federation has offered the Portaplan group insurance policy to its members for more than four decades. This invaluable plan provides group rate insurance for members and their families. With software built 16 years ago by ESTI, Portaplan was managed by a custom application designed in Oracle's Forms and Reports technology. This application has lasted an exceptionally long time compared to the quickly changing environment of information technology. Over those 16 years, the application has required only minor updates to meet the needs of the Saskatchewan Teachers Federation. The most recent of these additions is new functionality to integrate credit card payments which was provided in late 2010 by ESTI. Impressed with the new technology this new functionality is built on, ESTI was contracted to update the Portaplan system to use Oracle's new ADF platform.

Main Search Screen

The new Portaplan system is built on the solid and industry wide standard of Java 6 and Oracle's Advanced Development Framework (ADF 11g). These tools take advantage of the Oracle WebLogic server already installed for the credit card payment system. Oracle's WebLogic server dominates the major performance benchmarks and is a highly configurable server option for today's technologically advanced companies, offering a wide new range of administrative options and enhanced security management features.

Year End Billing

In addition to a highly configurable and expandable server stack, the Portaplan interface has been optimized while still keeping the old look and feel. This allows the Saskatchewan Teachers' Federation employee's to remain familiar with the new design while reducing training time for future employees.

Report Screen

Aside from the interface's new clean and modern looking feel, it's also built on a robust framework to ensure application security and data integrity while providing expandability for future feature additions. To demonstrate the expandability, ESTI has provided the Checklist system with this upgrade for Portaplan's Smart Letters. Smart Letters are Microsoft Word documents generated from templates and the checklist system provides a quick interface to create and edit templates within MS Word itself as well as generate the documents merged with data from the Portaplan database. The Java 6 platform provides a wealth of libraries and applications to ease the addition of new features in the future making sure this is a long standing application for future additions.

Correspondence Screen

ESTI would like to congratulate the Saskatchewan Teachers' Federation for a successful upgrade to their Portaplan management system. Based on Oracle's WebLogic server and ADF stack, this newly renovated application can expect to get many more years of extensive use.

Checklist Template Management Screen


Project Members

STF Core Project Team
  • Lynn Archdekin - Manager, Portaplan & Member Health Plan
  • Shannon Fairbain - Administrative Assistant, Group Benefits
  • Mike Elchuk - IT Manager
ESTI Core Project Team
  • Daniel Simair - Principal Analyst
  • George Biswas - Analyst
  • Chris Graham - Analyst
  • Lawrence Cheng - Senior Analyst (Quality Assurance)