Smart Payment

The Saskatchewan Teachers' Federation Portaplan is a not-for-profit voluntary insurance plan for Saskatchewan teachers and their families. Established in 1970, Portaplan has long served its members and will now further enhance that service by offering payment by credit card. ESTI is pleased to have provided the solution that will allow Portaplan administrators to process the payments.

ADF based credit card application

Portaplan payment batch form

While several methods could have been considered for Portaplan to accept credit card payments, these other approaches were not integrated with Portaplan's plan management system. With the solution now in place, administrators have the ability to automatically draw upon member information while performing the transaction greatly reducing data entry time. This can be quite a plus given that transactions will take place over the phone with members waiting on the other side of the line.

ADF based credit card application

A major benefit of Portaplan's credit card payment approach is that the existing system is automatically updated if - and only if - the payment transaction is authenticated. No credit card information is ever stored thus complying with security and privacy policy. No reversing adjustments are required as the payment authentication process is handled entirely within the Portaplan system process.

Transaction approved screen

In addition to the business benefits, the STF may now benefit from the new technology put in place to provide the solution. Oracle WebLogic Server and the 11g Advanced Development Framework (ADF 11g) were installed and configured by ESTI. This approach integrates closely with the thin client Oracle Forms that the existing Portaplan system is built upon. A shared security model was developed so that only the existing database accounts are required to secure the new credit card payment system. As WebLogic has been positioned as core to nearly all current and upcoming Oracle software, Portaplan and the STF are well positioned to benefit from new system efficiencies just like their new credit card payment ability.