ESTI Works Closely with SaskTel to Migrate Internal Identity Management System

ESTI Consulting Services (ESTI) and SaskTel have worked in partnership for over 8 years.  Each of the organizations has a long tradition of quality offerings focused on customer service.

In 2016, SaskTel identified an opportunity to improve services relating to the identification of and access for authorized users of SaskTel's internal Identity Management Services or IDM.  SaskTel employees rely on these IDM services in order to ensure they can connect to SaskTel technology services in a seamless, timely, and secure fashion.

ESTI was engaged to migrate SaskTel's aging internal IDM system to a state of the art IDM system. The goal was to ensure that all essential functionality was transferred to a stable and modern platform as soon as possible. IDM is of critical importance as it controls access to resources within a system by associating user rights and restrictions with an established identity.  SaskTel employees rely on the IDM system to ensure that they can access the services they require in order to complete their job duties.

SaskTel engaged ESTI in order to work together as a trusted partner and, ultimately, a key business driver for success.   ESTI was initially able to complete a detailed assessment to articulate the current state of SaskTel's IDM system. In order to deliver the most value to SaskTel and to ensure a successful migration to a new system, it was important to understand the versions, hardware and timing of SaskTel's old IDM system. Then ESTI and SaskTel successfully replaced SaskTel's legacy IDM solution (SUN Identity Manager, Version 8.1) with the new Oracle Identity Management (Version system.

Project Highlights:

  • There are roughly 6300 users in the new OIM system.
  • The Phase 1 assessment began in November of 2015 with the Phase 2 Implementation of the new OIM system occurring in March 2017.
  • OIM integrates directly, and indirectly, with key internal systems including: Active Directory, CA Top Secret, SAP and Lotus Notes.

During the project, ESTI was able to leverage previous experience in key technologies.   ESTI Technical Analysts worked alongside the SaskTel team to assist in the planning, implementation, and testing of the new OIM system.

SaskTel and its wholly-owned subsidiaries offer a wide range of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) products and services. As Saskatchewan's primary telecommunications carrier, SaskTel has a strong commitment to providing high quality and innovative services to both SaskTel customers and employees alike.  This IDM project represents a continued investment in technologies designed to improve internal processes and ultimately, services for the end customers. The value realized from this project is the result of ESTI's expertise in IDM, the combined effort of all team members and the continued partnership between SaskTel and ESTI. ESTI is able to offer the same IDM expertise to your organization in order to help improve internal processes and services for the end customer.