ESTI Consulting Services Expands Business Services Team and Capability


At ESTI Consulting Services, we believe that professional development is a core competency of our organization and a key focus for driving success for our clients, our staff, and our stakeholders.  In the past, ESTI has focused our professional development primarily around the development of technology-centered skills.  However, ESTI has identified our customers' requirement for more business-oriented services and has embarked on a set of HR and professional development exercises to develop new competencies to meet this opportunity.  Our Business Services team is the result of these activities.

Asset Management

Evan Olynuk has recently completed the required training and exams to become a Certified Information Technology Asset Manager.  

Previously, Evan had become certified as a Certified Software Asset Manager.  Evan works extensively with ESTI's clients to help them manage support contracts, optimize software licensing, and simplify contracts and billing.  

IT Asset Management services help ESTI clients to reduce their IT costs, streamline paperwork, improve CAPEX and OPEX predictability, and drive value from their IT investments.

Supply Chain Management

Terri-lynn Minish, a recent addition to the ESTI team is a graduate of the Edwards School of Business and is enrolled in the Supply Chain Management Professional program.  

Terri-lynn has completed training in procurement and supply management, operations and process management, knowledge management, supply chain management for services, capital goods, projects, communication and relational skills, and leadership and professionalism.  By adding Terri-lynn's expertise to our team, we are better able to work with our client's Supply Chain teams to optimize the procurement and deployment of information technology products.

IT Financing

ESTI has invested in our expertise around IT asset financing.  ESTI has access to provide a wide range of products such as leasing, software license financing, and consumption-based vehicles.  

Our Business Services team works with clients to help the client select financial products that work best with their business situation.  Simon Gadd, a graduate of the U of S College of Commerce (now the Edwards School of Business) leads the financing practice of ESTI's Business Services team.

Case Study

ESTI recently worked with an enterprise client to put a Transformational License Agreement in place with a major software publisher.  In order to effect the agreement, ESTI first conducted an asset management study and created an asset book.  The asset book represents a consolidated record of the client's many IT assets acquired from the vendor in question along with key data regarding the asset's lifespan, support status, and various other cost and value metrics.

Following the development of the asset book, ESTI worked with the client to prepare a three year plan for acquisition, divestment, and growth of the asset base.  The asset book and asset plan were used as the basis for a highly beneficial multi-year license arrangement which reduced our client's costs significantly over the lifetime of the agreement as well as providing much more flexibility in the client's ability to trade-off one software title for another as their business needs change.

ESTI Consulting Services is pleased to work with our clients as it relates to information technology supply chain, asset management, and financing.  These areas of expertise help our clients to benefit further from working with ESTI along with our long-standing commitment to technical excellence.