ESTI Consulting Services and Cisco Systems Co-Invest in Internet of Things


ESTI Consulting Services (ESTI) continues to expand our Internet of Things (IoT) infrastructure practice and Cisco Systems (Cisco) has been a key partner in enabling our client's successful networking projects.  As a result, ESTI and Cisco have invested aggressively in our business relationship to further enable ESTI to deliver successful projects leveraging Cisco Systems products and services. 

Cisco IoT Specialized

ESTI has achieved the 'Advanced IoT - Industry Expert Specialization'.  ESTI was required to achieve numerous certifications related to this Specialization including Account Management, Architecture Systems Engineer, and Field Engineer. With this certification, ESTI has fulfilled the role-based training requirements and program prerequisites to sell, design, and deploy Cisco IoT solutions.

ESTI also has considerable field experience in the IoT sector.  ESTI has worked in partnership with Cisco and a variety of engineering firms to deliver IoT solutions into the mining, agriculture, and health care verticals.

Operational Technology Skills

The deployment of Cisco IoT solutions in an operational technology (OT) setting requires special expertise.  For example,

ESTI has experience with the deployment of Cisco's Industrial Ethernet products, with the routing and switching of various SCADA protocols, and with deployment of wireless networking in industrial settings ' even underground!

Cisco partners with a number of third party vendors to provide Real-Time Location Services (RTLS) solutions.  These solutions allow our clients to understand the geographic location of people and equipment and to provide application services related to safety, productivity, physical security and analytics.

ESTI staff members and ESTI as an organization have developed new safety policies, equipment, training, and procedures.  These measures, when put in place properly, have allowed ESTI to certify with various safety organizations and these certifications, in turn, allow our staff to work on-site in such industrial settings as underground mines, etc.

IoT solutions are frequently dependent on wireless networking.  Cisco and ESTI have co-invested in the development of a wireless networking site survey solution.  ESTI has acquired software and hardware tools and our staff have taken training in their use.  ESTI can now design and deploy wireless networks to meet client requirements for various IoT applications including voice, controls systems, RTLS, etc.

ESTI employs a number of Engineers in Training (EIT) on our staff.  These staff members are registered with APEGS and are pursuing their P.Eng designation with the support of ESTI and mentors from APEGS.  ESTI understands that IoT solutions are more to do with engineering than with traditional IT and we are staffing accordingly.

Cisco IoT System Roadshow

In November, 2015, ESTI Vice President Simon Gadd attended a Cisco partner event in Toronto.  This event was a business-focused training session where channel partners learned how Cisco's IoT technologies are enabling clients to connect, manage, and control previously unconnected devices; secure physical and digital assets and data; and innovate by creating and deploying IoT applications from cloud to fog across verticals.

University of Saskatchewan

ESTI is developing a partnership with the University of Saskatchewan related to the skills development of Computer Engineering students in the field of IoT.  ESTI will partner with Cisco to provide IoT-specific network equipment to the Computer Engineering laboratory to support the development of lab exercises related to IoT networking software.


ESTI Consulting Services would like to thank our partners at Cisco Systems for their ongoing engagement with ESTI and for their support of ESTI and, most importantly, our joint clients.  We would like to extend a warm 'thank you' to those same clients for selecting ESTI as a business partner to assist them with adopting Cisco technologies.