Advance Your Cybersecurity Program with ESTI


At ESTI Consulting Services, we have been working with our clients' networks, software applications, end points, and in our clients' data centers for more than 25 years.  Our organization has extensive experience contributing to enterprise cybersecurity programs through our deep infrastructure and professional services expertise. 

Cybersecurity threats exploit the increased complexity and connectivity of critical infrastructure systems, placing your organizations security, economy, and public safety and health at risk.  Similar to financial and reputational risk, cybersecurity risk affects a company's bottom line. It can drive up costs and impact revenue. It can harm an organization's ability to innovate and to gain and maintain customers. 

ESTI security related professional services don't just focus on the latest technology; they integrate into existing cybersecurity teams. Qualified professionals can help advance your organization's security posture through best practise implementations of critical IT infrastructure services.   We can augment project teams working toward remediating audit findings, achieving compliance programs/designations, or advancing risk management plans.

Asset Management

A key component of any organization's cybersecurity posture is its ability to cope with an increasing number of technology related assets.  Not only must these assets be logged and tracked through their lifecycle, but

support and licensing agreements must be managed in near real time to ensure that assets are supporting the overall security posture of the organization.  ESTI has extensive experience providing license audit and asset management services for our entire family of products.

Identity and Access Management

Identity and Access Management (IAM), as a discipline, provides IT services to appropriate people, in the appropriate time and place, on the appropriate device, and for the right reasons. Effective deployment of IAM solutions requires ESTI, as a solution provider, to understand clients' business requirements around compliance and reporting. We dig in to each client's application portfolio and understand their underlying infrastructure in pursuit of delivering maximum value with IAM.

ESTI has hands-on experience with Identity solutions from Oracle and ForgeRock. We have deployed IAM solutions that face inwards (for our clients' staff) and outwards (for our clients' clients). We have delivered solutions that run on premise as well as in a secure cloud environment.

Network Security

ESTI has been expanding our services capability around network security and the Internet of Things. Industrial Automation and Control Systems (IACS) networks form an integral part of the Internet of Things. Although these IACS networks are notoriously insecure, ESTI has been securing the IACS networks of our clients for over a decade. For instance, IACS networks can be completely and securely separated from common business networks, without needing an entirely separate hardware infrastructure and without risking exposure. Our clients even utilize a shared wireless LAN infrastructure to drive IACS and business networks in a secure fashion.

Recently, ESTI earned the Express Security Specialization ' NGFW (Next Generation FireWall). When combined with our Advanced IoT - Industry Expert Specialization, this new certification validates our existing practice. Our certifications reflect our security design and deployment capabilities related to securing wired networks, wireless networks and industrial automation and control systems (IACS) networks, both in the enterprise, and in industrial operations.

Cloud Security on AWS

ESTI works with Amazon Web Services to deliver secure cloud infrastructure solutions to our clients. ESTI designs and deploys AWS security policies for traffic flow to ensure that our clients' data and applications are protected. We implement secure connections between our clients' office locations and the cloud datacenter to facilitate hybrid cloud architectures where the cloud datacenter is an extension to the client network. ESTI manages our client's AWS deployments to ensure that they have highly available applications and secure data.

ESTI installs, maintains, and manages Nagios-based monitoring of AWS infrastructure for our clients. This technology allows ESTI to provide a managed AWS experience at a very low cost for our clients.

Security Related Infrastructure Partners

ESTI advises our clients around the procurement of infrastructure which can help advance the organizations security programs. ESTI will continue to focus and partner with industry leaders in this space:

  • Cisco
  • RSA, the security division of EMC
  • F5 Networks
  • Oracle
  • Forgerock
  • Splunk

Application Security

ESTI has been developing and securing client-server and web-based applications for our clients for over 25 years. We have experience with a wide variety of technologies related to secure application development such as Oracle Label Security and Virtual Private Database.

At ESTI, we have solid hands-on experience deploying industry best practices in the following application security areas:

  • Hardening web applications against attacks such as buffer overflow, cross site scripting, SQL injections, etc.
  • Hardening various components of the application stack such as operating system, database, application server, web server, etc.
  • Implementing secure communication between various application components.
  • Secure transmittal, masking, and encryption of sensitive or personally identifiable data that is deemed private within privacy frameworks such as PIPEDA.
  • Adherence to compliance and regulatory standards.
  • Applied cryptography including PKI, SSL, and key management.
  • ESTI makes use of 3rd party tools (Burp, Nessus, etc) to perform penetration pre-testing on our clients' AWS sites and on their premised data center applications to help locate and mitigate potential security breaches prior to a penetration test by a certified security company.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

ESTI provides Business Continuity Planning (BCP) and Disaster Recovery Planning (DRP) capabilities to enterprise organizations in a variety of capacities.  Our experts can integrate directly into internal teams to provide disaster recovery planning, high level solutions design, and testing services.  We can assist in the evaluation of critical business processes and make recommendations toward recovery point and recovery time objectives.  Our expertise around enterprise storage and data protection technologies positions us to recommend multiple tiers of solutions to fit our clients' needs.

ESTI Security Team Leaders

Shaun Herron, Partner: Business Continuity Planning

Simon Gadd, Partner: Disaster Recovery Planning

George Biswas, Technical Analyst: Identity and Access Management, Amazon Web Services, and Application Security and Penetration Pre-Testing

Brennan Martin, (CCIE #50782, CCNP Security): Network Security

Evan Olynuk, (CITAM, CSAM): IT Asset Management


For more information about our security portfolio or to be connected with an ESTI account manager, please contact Simon Gadd, Vice-President of Sales.