ESTI named Fujitsu's April Partner of the Month!


ESTI is proud to be named Fujitsu's April Partner of the month! We appreciate the honor and look forward to continuing our successful partnership.

The following is Fujitsu's announcement in their April 2015 partner newsletter:

Congratulations to ESTI Consulting Services, our Partner of the Month! ESTI successfully positioned Fujitsu M10-4 SPARC servers as the best choice for a major Canadian IT provider's database platform refresh. An impressive win with three Fujitsu M10-4 servers has provided the customer with a modern, high performance, and highly efficient platform.

Background: The customer sought to refresh their existing SPARC Enterprise M4000 platform and benefit from the latest processor and server technologies while cutting costs. Their environment includes IBM DB2 and Oracle Database, and the Fujitsu M10-4 server was selected because of the ease in transitioning from SPARC Enterprise to Fujitsu M10, as well as the significant cost savings found in shrinking the server space and power footprint. The Solaris binary compatibility guarantee and the trust and proven reliability of Fujitsu SPARC servers also contributed significantly to the selection of Fujitsu M10. The customer's applications have long benefited from the strong single-thread performance found in Fujitsu SPARC64 processors, and the latest SPARC64 X+ processor clearly showed further substantial benefits in single-threaded performance.

A number of observations and comments were made by the customer during this time.   These were collected and paraphrased into the following statements.

'We have a lot of trust in the performance and reliability of the SPARC Enterprise M4000 platform. When it came time to refresh our platforms and benefit from the increased price/performance, compute density and power savings of the next generation, we chose Fujitsu M10. The SPARC64 X+ processor offers unparalleled single threaded performance in the SPARC family; perfect for our database workloads. The Fujitsu M10-4 system provides the proven RAS features we require for our mission-critical server needs. The transition from M4000 to M10-4 was quick and easy and the results for our business have been very impressive'.

ESTI Overview:
ESTI offers industry specific professional services, custom application and database development, integration services, and data migration services for clients across Canada. Benefiting its customers, ESTI has fine-tuned its service and infrastructure delivery models using both project based approaches (the most efficient and low risk approach for clients) and resource based approaches (excellent for short term, highly specialized engagements).

ESTI specializes in Oracle workload optimization, with 20+ years' experience with Oracle products and is recognized by Oracle as a Database Specialized Partner. ESTI has a long history of providing enterprise application platform solutions based on the Oracle technology stack, as well as the Sun-Oracle infrastructure product set.

ESTI views Oracle SPARC servers as providing industry-leading price/performance, as well as the highest levels of availability and security required for mission-critical applications.