ESTI Expands PotashCorp's Underground Communication Network


In March of 2015, ESTI completed a project that was commissioned to expand the underground data communications network at PotashCorp's Rocanville mine site. ESTI's network engineers installed new core routing switches from Cisco Systems which will enable communications underground in a brand new section of the mine.

Rocanville has been undergoing a major expansion project since its official announcement in 2007. The expansion mine extends roughly 17 kilometers west of the current shaft. This expansion also includes construction at Scissors Creek which encompasses a new mineshaft along with another set of offices.

What was done?

This latest network expansion enables systems at the mine site to control a variety of items including belts, pumps, valves, drilling equipment, seismic detection systems, phones and computers.  Network availability and reliability were key project requirements necessary to maintain a high level of safety for the people working underground every day.

ESTI's engineers initially helped Rocanville redesign this communications infrastructure to improve reliability and efficiency at the original mine site prior to the expansion initiative. ESTI assisted Rocanville in purchasing new core switches mirroring the existing ones from the older areas of the mine. ESTI then travelled to the mine site to work with the Rocanville underground instrumentation team in configuring the new cores to extend the reach of the current network into the new areas of the mine. ESTI was then able to install the new gear in the brand new substations that were recently dug out of the earth.

The project was deemed a success when the joint Rocanville and ESTI team was able to reach the servers, phones, and control systems from the new area of the mine. Now the Rocanville teams can begin to roll-out Voice over IP, wireless access points, location tracking gear and control systems which all rely on this network.

ESTI resources have over a decade of experience assisting clients in the mining industry to design, deploy and maintain data communications networks that provide the foundation for control and automation, voice communications, and safety monitoring. Through these years of experience in providing expertise around data communication networks ESTI has become recognized as a Cisco Premiere Partner.  

How can ESTI Assist my Business?

ESTI will continue to serve partners in the mining industry as they strive to take on new challenges both below ground and above. ESTI's engineers are fully capable of handling new and exciting projects with over a decade of experience deploying complex IP networks in a multitude of different settings.

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