ESTI is Developing Professional Engineers


At ESTI, we see development of a best-in-class professional team as the most important thing that we do. For more than 25 years, ESTI has invested in our team's skills through formal training and developmental assignments to ensure that our clients benefit from the best team available.

In 2013, ESTI identified an opportunity that we think will bring even further value to our staff team and, through that team, to our current and future clients. ESTI is working with the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Saskatchewan (APEGS) and the University of Saskatchewan Engineering department to help ESTI staff achieve the Professional Engineering designation. ESTI works with our Engineers-In-Training (EIT) to prepare the required documentation to meet the requirements of the Professional Engineering (P.Eng.) program. ESTI has been working closely with University professors and APEGS to recruit mentors for EIT's. Mentorship and supervision are key requirements for EIT's to move to being Professional Engineers.

Initially, ESTI recruited Andrew Dyck, B.E. (September, 2013) into our Infrastructure Services group. In addition to working towards his P.Eng. status, Andrew has achieved a number of Implementation Engineer certifications related to the EMC product set and is currently training towards Microsoft certifications. In June, 2014 Jason Lau, B.E. joined our IT Infrastructure group. Jason has earned a number of Implementation Engineer certifications related to EMC storage products and has recently qualified as a Cisco (CCNA) engineer.

From left to right: Andrew Dyck, Jason Lau, Richard Ly and Tyler Wu.

Richard Ly, B.E. joined the Application Services practice at ESTI in May of 2014. Richard has been working towards his P.Eng. status while developing skills related to the Oracle technology stack, along with building out cloud-based applications using a modern 'third platform' tool set. Tyler Wu, B.E. joined ESTI in February of 2015 and has been primarily working in an Application Services team, but has also taken on internal duties in an IT infrastructure support role.

ESTI is looking forward to our Engineers-In-Training achieving their P.Eng status. In the meantime, we will continue to support their professional development related to the key technologies that ESTI deploys on behalf of our clientele. ESTI feels that bringing the discipline and rigor associated with the P.Eng. to our client's data centers will be a key advantage for ESTI going forward.