ESTI Celebrates 25 years


In January 2014, ESTI Consulting Services is excited and thankful to be celebrating 25 years of operations. 

When we have the privilege to introduce ESTI to a new client or business partner, we are usually asked the same question: 'What does ESTI stand for?'.  Of course, as when we started, we stand for honesty, integrity, loyalty and hard work.  But what they really want to know is what the E, the S, the T and the I stand for.  To answer that question, we need to take a short walk down memory lane.

In January 1989, Education Services (the E and the S) was born with George Odegard, the founder and current president of ESTI, at the helm.  Also in 1989, Shaun Herron and Simon Gadd were hired.  Education Services focused on educational software and providing computer-related services to educational organizations in the province of Saskatchewan.  And no, we didn't know much about the Internet at that time but we could establish and maintain a Datapac connection and our logo was a bar code.  After two years, Education Services changed from a proprietorship in the basement to an incorporated company, ES Education Services Inc., with proper offices and a training centre.

In the fall of 1998, ES Education Services Inc. became ES Technology Incorporated (the T and the I).  The new name was adopted to better represent the type of work the company was doing.  Custom computer systems development was the focus and, similar to today, our clients could be found across Canada.  The Internet was starting to play a vital role in how we communicated and served our clients.

In June of 2003, to mark our evolution from a corporation to a partnership, ES Technology Incorporated became ESTI Consulting Services.  The 'ESTI' was retained as a reminder to us of where we came from and with whom we had made our journey.   The move to a partnership showed that ESTI was built by a team not an individual.

 Although our name has stayed the same for 10 years, the world is changing and ESTI continues to evolve and change to ensure its stays relevant as an IT service provider.  Since our 20th anniversary ( ESTI has become a strategic player in enterprise hardware and software sales with clients stretching from Ontario through to British Columbia.  A key element in our ability to grow and prosper has been the combination of trusted hands with years of experience working together alongside bright new employees and business partners.  The real key element however is the trust that our clients have placed, and continue to place, in us.  We thank our clients for making our journey possible.

To mark our anniversary and to show our excitement about the future we are unveiling a new logo.  We are proud of it and we look forward to using it for the next chapter in the history of ESTI.