Cameco Corporation Deploys new Centralized Storage

Late in 2010, Cameco Corporation contracted with ESTI Consulting Services and EMC Corporation for the supply and deployment of a new centralized storage system.

Like many other organizations, the Business Technology Services (BTS) group at Cameco is facing explosive data growth. Faced with this situation, Cameco BTS had identified the need for the introduction of new technologies to control the cost of storing and managing the vast quantities of new data.

In order to ensure best value for Cameco, a competitive tender was released. ESTI responded to the tender with a highly customized package of services, support, and products backstopped by our key storage partner EMC. The ESTI/EMC bid was named as the solution of choice, after which the equipment was delivered to Cameco in a very short window prior to the closing of the Cameco financial year.

The solution provided to Cameco leverages a number of innovative technologies to help control the cost of data management. EMC's Fully Automated Storage Tiering (FAST) technology allows Cameco to decouple investment in performance from investment in capacity and reduce overall cost while meeting Cameco's requirements in a flexible fashion. EMC provides industry-best integration with VMware which will help to facilitate the cost-saving processes of server virtualization and the move to cloud computing. The EMC solution features unified storage technology which will allow Cameco to deploy Network Attached Storage services using the same frame as block data services.

A key component of the ESTI/EMC value proposition is our forward looking approach to a data management strategy. The ESTI bid featured the value of ESTI experience around primary storage, backups, virtualization and overall data management. The EMC product set features a very broad range of products around data management, backup, security, and disaster recovery. Using these technologies, ESTI was able to articulate a data management strategy for Cameco which was central to our bid.

As a number of new technologies were introduced to Cameco, ESTI crafted a solution that included unlimited training passes for Cameco staff, on-site support by a resident EMC resource for several months, customized migration services, and access to EMC World, the storage industry's premier technical event. Cameco has leveraged these services to facilitate a successful primary storage deployment.

ESTI is pleased to congratulate Cameco on the success of this important and ambitious project.