State of the Industry SATAbase

State of the Industry SATAbase

The Saskatchewan Advanced Technology Association (SATA) exists to foster the growth of advanced technology by building a strong support network and advocating the organization at various levels of government and towards private industry. ESTI is pleased to have helped provided a highly capable tool to assist SATA with their mission ' the State of the Industry SATAbase.

The SATAbase is an online real-time inventory of advanced technology companies in Saskatchewan. The new system has 3 core components:

  • A company directory. Available to the general public, this listing allows searching within the SATAbase for specific companies. Each company receives a public profile that can display marketing information, links to the company's online presence and detailed contact information. Each company can tailor the contents of their listing to show only the information that they wish to be publicly available.

  • An industry dashboard. This live reporting tool reports data within the SATAbase and presents key metrics in an interactive graphical format. Individual company data is kept private, secure and confidential; only industry wide summaries are shown. Any updates to the SATAbase membership and company profiles are reflected immediately in the graphs.

  • A secure feedback forum. This secure messaging forum allows companies within the SATAbase to raise ideas and issues to the awareness of SATA. It also provides a mechanism for SATA to report back to the membership on progress of the implementation of these ideas.

Company Profile Management Screen

The SATAbase also includes an administrative interface to let the companies and SATA manage the information. A delegated authority model is used to allow the companies to manage their own profile while still allowing SATA full administrative capabilities. Companies can self-register using an online signup wizard and once their registration is approved by SATA, companies can manage their own SATAbase accounts and update their own public/private profiles.

If you are an advanced technology company in Saskatchewan, visit the SATAbase or contact SATA to acquire your sign in password.

Self Sign Up Wizard Screen

Fittingly for an Advanced Technology representative, SATA's SATAbase is built with leading edge technology including the Oracle Application Development Framework 11g, Oracle WebLogic and implementations of ESTI's Secure Messaging and Contact System services.

Working closely with SATA Project Manager Laurel Reich and Executive Director Don Prokopetz, ESTI is pleased to have provided the project management, business analysis and application development services for this successful project. Company metric requirements and UI Quality Assurance was provided by ESTI partner company Refresh Inc.

Core Project Team

  • Laurel Reich ' SATA Project Manager
  • Don Prokopetz ' Former SATA Executive Director
  • Mark Dick ' ESTI CEO and Project Manager
  • Daniel Simair ' ESTI Principal Analyst
  • Chris Graham ' ESTI Lead Developer