Safety First

Cameco is a leader in uranium production and processing. Cameco operates uranium mines and processing facilities throughout the world.

Since 2007, ESTI has provided Cameco with a variety of professional services including Project Management, Business Analysis, VMware expertise, and Business Objects Edge design and development.

Cameco utilizes Business Objects Edge (BOE) as a centralized, enterprise level, business intelligence delivery and reporting platform. BOE has allowed Cameco to keep a single tool standard for reporting allowing for increased reporting security, tighter controls around report changes, greater report availability, and rapid report development.

Safety, Health and Environmental incident reporting, tracking, and trending is key in the mining industry. Cameco records these types of incidents within its Cameco Incident Reporting system (CIRS). CIRS was developed on the Reliance ETQ platform. CIRS allows Cameco to track health, safety, and environment incidents, audits, corrective action, and activities related to these events/processes.

Recording these data results is critically important, but without the ability to get the information into decision maker's hands quickly, accurately, and intuitively the opportunities presented are lost.

ESTI worked in close concert with Cameco leveraging each other's expertise to insure data integrity, develop business intelligence metrics, and report them in real time.

Work that was done for this project included:

  • Standardized reporting by developing report templates and change requests forms.
  • Designed a BOE data universe (metadata level) of the CIRS database allowing for rapid report development.
  • Developed a robust and dynamic Business Intelligence dashboard.Provided Crystal reports development.
  • Provided Crystal reports development.
  • Implemented standardized testing methodologies using test matrixes and regression testing.


Cameco Project Team

  • Kimm Barker - Cameco, Project Sponsor and Senior Quality Program Specialist
  • Sharrie Anderson ' Cameco, Systems Analyst

ESTI Project Team

  • Ryan Gerstmar - ESTI, Project Manager and Business Analyst
  • Nathan Sparks - ESTI, Crystal Reports and Xcelsius developer.