Hardware. Software ... and Services too!

In 2006, ESTI Consulting Services realized that we had an opportunity to better serve our client base by deploying a combination of Sun infrastructure products, Oracle software products and our own professional services. In 2009, this vision was validated when Oracle Corporation announced their intention to acquire their long-time partner, Sun Microsystems. The legal merger was finalized in Canada on March 01, 2010.

Following the merger, we at ESTI find ourselves uniquely positioned to serve our customer base through a combination of Oracle hardware (i.e. Sun) expertise, Oracle software expertise, and our own services built around this technology stack. We are currently working with a number of enterprise IT customers by deploying our services to help them take advantage of the new integrated Oracle stack.

ESTI is a systems integrator. Our long-term strategy has been to work with the various layers of the technology stack to develop a solution that is fully integrated. An integrated solution is optimized for performance, manageability, and reliability. Our aim is to leverage these characteristics to drive complexity out of the technology stack and reduce the risk inherent in a non-integrated implementation.

ESTI Consulting Services is a Gold Level Oracle Partner Network member. Through this partnership ESTI has access to Oracle expertise and resources which we bring to bear to help address our client's technology needs. ESTI supports a full range of Oracle technology including the Oracle database, middleware, and security products.

In addition to being an OPN partner, ESTI Consulting Services is well established as a Principal level Sun Advantage Partner. Although that designation is not formally in use following the merger, ESTI continues to have access to all of the expert staff and resources needed to help our client's build solutions using Sun technology.

When building solutions for our clients, we bring quality people, deep Oracle and Sun experience, and time-tested service-delivery methodologies to our engagements. Our staff delivers a full range of technology related services built around the Sun and Oracle product sets, along with project oriented services such as project management, business analysis, and quality assurance. The end result for our customers is a solution that is optimized, integrated, and simplified delivered through a project that meets business needs while adhering to schedule and budget constraints.

For a more detailed discussion of our Oracle and Sun offerings, please contact Simon Gadd at 306 241 5036 or send a message to sales@esti.ca.