Business Analysis Equals Smart Innovation

Cameco is a leader in uranium production supplying 15% of the world's annual production. Cameco operates uranium mines and processing facilities throughout the world. Due to the exceptionally high ore grade of the McArthur River and Cigar Lake underground deposits in Saskatchewan, Cameco faces a number of unique challenges in day to day operations at these facilities.

Mark Sherwood and Kari Krueckl-Lamont
Health Physicists

Uranium occurs naturally in soils and rock. Radon gas emanates from uranium and poses a health concern in high concentrations. Ventilation is important in any underground mine, but in a high-grade uranium mine it is essential. Radon and radon progeny levels are closely monitored to maintain a safe work environment, but predicting concentration levels is a time consuming endeavour.

While working closely with Cameco's health physics staff ESTI provided business analysis and application design for Aquilo. Aquilo is a radon and radon progeny concentration modelling program. The Aquilo application uses venting data, emanation rates, and mine layouts to predict concentration levels throughout a modelled mine. This information will be invaluable for predicting mine conditions. Potential uses range from supplementing routine activities such as personnel scheduling to assisting with mine development and design.

Ryan Gerstmar
ESTI Business Analyst

The business analysis process included determining requirements, performing gap analysis, and confirming application feasibility. ESTI was pleased to work with Cameco on this endeavour and congratulates the company on a successful phase 1 of the Aquilo project. Cameco will begin phase 2, application development, in early 2010.