A Thank You from ESTI

Twenty years ago the decision makers who first hired ESTI and gave it a start were young and vital men and women in the prime of their careers. Today, for the most part, they are retired, living in condos, watching their kids start their own careers, gardening, traveling, things like that. My how the years have gone by filled with effort, penny pinching, travel and the constant tempo of work, change and progress. We, the people, change, but, the things that fill our lives do not change.

Old faces at the workplace are joined by the new faces. Technology continues to deliver twice as much for half the price every two years. Kids have kids. We are blessed in many many ways. And so it goes.

Humble beginnings - George's basement circa 1989

A young company - a young staff

How do we at ESTI say "Thank You" to those many people from all those provinces who have been kind to us and who have trusted and counted on us over the years. For one thing, we are going to keep doing what we have been doing. Work hard, serve gladly and provide value. We are also going to remember and be thankful for each and every kindness done for us and try to act accordingly.

Simon and James at the Avenue C location

Stacy in the Avenue C training room

We live and work in a great nation. A nation, part of a world, under economic siege just now, not unlike the 80's. But we will get through this and be the better for it. The enduring values do not change, just the people.

Education Services circa 1996

812 Spadina Crescent

On the occasion of our 20th anniversary best wishes to you and your family from the families at ESTI.

George Odegard, President and Founder of ESTI Consulting Services