Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment's Saskatchewan Officer Safety System


The Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment's Saskatchewan Officer Safety System (SOS) tracks all officer calls, whereabouts, time of dispatch to an incident or violation, time of return and various other conditions about the call-out. It is essential that this system is live and fully operational 7 days a week, 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. The Saskatchewan Officer Satefy System is the primary safety-monitoring tool that the Ministry uses to ensure, as much as possible, the safety of field officers. In addition to Ministry of Environment officers, this service is also provided by the Ministry of Environment to the following departments and agencies: Highway Traffic Officers, Revenue Officers, National Park Officers, First Nations Rangers, Deputy Wildlife Officers, Environment Canada Officers, Federal Fisheries Officers, Federal Wildlife Officers, Federal Customs and Excise Officers, and other national and international enforcement personnel, as well as to any visiting US State and Canadian provincial officers in these categories. This service is also provided to Emergency Services personnel when requested and also to members of the RCMP on demand.

Provincial Enforcement Center Dispatch

ESTI was engaged to conduct a business analysis of the existing SOS system. Business and functional requirements and a detailed solution design was prepared and presented to the Ministry of Environment. Particular attention was given to system security, fail-over assurances, and ease of use during crisis situations.

Subsequently, a new system was implemented by the Government of Saskatchewan's Information Technology Office and went live in May 2008.

The new solution is easier and faster to use with improved access to emergency information and procedures. This means that the Enforcement Center Dispatch team spends less time working with the system and more time working to support the safety of field officers.

Provincial Enforcement Center Dispatch Team

ESTI congratulates the Ministry of Environment on their continuing efforts to improve officer safety.

Project Team:

Ministry of Environment

  • Ginny Nisbet, Project Manager
  • Rich Hildebrandt, Conservation Officer, Dispatch subject matter expert
  • Dave Harvey, Chief, Enforcement and Investigations Section
  • Garry Harrison, Manager, Investigations Unit
  • Jamie Paschke, Dispatch Supervisor
  • Linda Bjorke, Dispatch Supervisor

Saskatchewan Information Technology Office

  • Wanda Wolbaum, ITO Project Manager
  • Devon Speidelsbach, ITO Lead Developer
  • Catherine Sexton, ITO Developer
  • Trevor Crawford, ITO Developer
  • Stacey Patterson, ITO Systems Analyst
  • Rita Grant, ITO Testing and Training Co-ordinator

ESTI Consulting Services

  • Stacy Lloyd, Senior Business Analyst