ESTI gets the Green Light

IRD (International Road Dynamics Inc) is a world leader in highway traffic management products and systems, operating internationally in the ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems) industry.

From May 2008 to August 2008 ESTI's Geoff Beauregard has worked closely with the IRD software team assisting in the development of the Green Light Transportation System. The purpose of the Green Light Transportation Project is having real time intelligence of vehicles that pass through IRD's Weight in Motion and Automatic Vehicle Identification technologies. Geoff primarily worked on the development of Oracle database processes for handling the real time data that the Oracle database receives.

Over the four months Geoff spent with IRD, he was able to research, assess and implement a variety of advanced Oracle based technologies.

Oracle Advance Queuing (AQ) was used to handle the expiration of subscription and time based events. Messages needed to be en-queued, de-queued and managed at specific times during the database processing. Although only select features from Oracle AQ were used, it provided a perfect solution for handling specific processes within the project requirements.

Oracle XML DB was used to handle incoming and outgoing XML messages external to the Oracle Database. With a projected load in excess of 50 XML messages per second, the data needed to be handled quickly and efficiently. Oracle's XML DB satisfied the need of quick parsing and processing with a standard set of XML querying tools.

ESTI would like to thank IRD for the opportunity to provide Oracle expertise on this project and wish them well as they complete the Green Light Transportation Project.

IRD Project Team:

  • Brian Classen, Director of Engineering
  • Jon Hill, Manager of Software Development
  • Debbie Sarvas, Chief Software Architect
  • Sean Brennan, Sr. Software Developer
  • Dan Bonnet, Chief System Engineer

ESTI Project Team:

  • Geoff Beauregard, Senior Analyst