Work Smarter...

It is exciting for any company when they are able to put a new face on things, provide a new twist or find a new solution to a problem. This is especially exciting for a company who leverages technology to respond to opportunities. In this case, the company is ESTI.

We have not set out to solve a specific problem or to tackle a major obstacle in the technology world. We did however take a functional solution, in this case the ESTI web page, and endeavor to implement a better and more efficient approach for web implementation and administration.

Something exciting for Managers

Utilizing new and exciting technology, we have built a completely dynamic web page which takes content directly from a database, any database, and publishes this content to the web.

  • Content edits can be done by anyone authorized in the secure environment.
  • Page content can be quickly created in MS Word and automatically loaded and styled into the website.
  • A completely dynamic site allows making additions to, or restructuring the entire navigation menu, with a single command.
  • Content presentation is not limited to web pages and can be presented in many different formats: PDF, RSS feeds, E-Mails, MS Word documents and more.
  • Web pages are backed up every night with the database.

Something exciting for the Technology guys

Development effort was drastically reduced by using the JDeveloper integrated development environment along with Oracle's Application Development Framework (ADF). Together these technologies automate many of the mundane tasks that used to be done manually. In cases where very specific requirements needed to be addressed such as the navigation system, ESTI created custom JSF components. Altogether we used cutting edge technology allowing for quick web page access and fast, dynamic implementation.

  • Oracle 10g R2 database and Webcache
  • Sun Server technology using Sun Solaris containers
  • Sun Java Enterprise Edition (J2EE) technology
  • Oracle ADF and ADF Faces
  • Oracle JDeveloper IDE

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