STSC Oracle 10g Release 2 Upgrade

In June of 2007, the Saskatchewan Teachers' Superannuation Commission successfully completed a project to upgrade the Oracle 9i database to Oracle 10g Release 2.

ESTI is proud to share in the successful project that was undertaken jointly by the STSC and ESTI. This project represents another in a long history of successful projects dating back nearly 15 years.

After a considerable amount of analysis and strategic planning, the STSC decided to upgrade the database platform from Oracle 9i to Oracle 10g Release 2. One of the many factors included in the decision was the fact that Oracle 10g Release 2 has proven to be a solid performer and a stable environment for a number of ESTI clients. Oracle 10g will also provide the STSC with a platform to support new and exciting Internet based applications.

A key success factor for this project was a reliance on regression testing software to ensure all of the applications currently running at the STSC continued to run successfully on the new platform. The STSC staff was able to provide numerous test cases representing critical functionality that formed the basis for testing and verification. The test cases were plugged into an automated regression testing tool by ESTI analysts. The automated testing tool ensured a consistent process which could be re-used as many times as required to verify each application. Additional user acceptance testing was performed by STSC staff.

Carol Moldovan - Payroll Administrator

A number of major systems, used by the STSC administration staff to manage the day to day operations, were positively impacted by the upgrade through performance enhancements. Some of the systems impacted were the Retired Members System and Payroll application, a third party pension administration system and a number of benefit administration systems including Group Health and Long Term Disability.

Following is a key list of the new features contained in Oracle 10g Release 2:

  • Simplified administration
  • A new easy-to-use Enterprise Manager console
  • Performance gains (noticeable gains noted by staff almost immediately)
  • Improved risk management options via more robust data recovery paths
  • Enhanced statistics gathering to drive better performance metrics

ESTI Consulting Services provided end-to-end services for Oracle 10g Release 2 upgrade project including:

  • System and Business Analysis
  • Project Management
  • Requirements Gathering
  • Hardware and Software Recommendations
  • Reporting
  • Documentation
  • Database Configuration and Administration
  • Recompile of Applications
  • System Testing and Regression Testing
  • Data Verification
  • Operating System Configuration
  • Backup software and configuration

Congratulations to the Saskatchewan Teachers' Superannuation Commission on successfully completing this technology upgrade and ensuring timely service to its 14,000 active and retired members in Saskatchewan, other areas of Canada and Internationally.

Project Team

  • Shirley Robertson, Manager Superannuation Program, STSC
  • Connie Kitz, Assistant Financial Operations, STSC
  • Carol Moldovan, Payroll Administrator, STSC
  • Shaun Herron, Project Manager and Lead Technical Resource, ESTI
  • Maureen Perepelkin, Senior Analyst, ESTI
  • Bryce Allen, Analyst, ESTI
  • Chris Baranski, Analyst, ESTI