STF Implements New and Improved McDowell Donation and Grant System

On January 15, 2007, the Saskatchewan Teachers' Federation implemented a new Donation and Grant Tracking System to help administrate the foundation named for the former STF General Secretary, Dr. Stirling McDowell.

Front Row: Karen Williams, Verna Gallen

Back Row: Bryce Allen, Jeff Banow

ESTI is pleased to announce the successful completion of this project which was undertaken jointly by the STF and ESTI, beginning in July, 2006. The new McDowell system has replaced the previous Project and Donor system which had become outdated. A complete overhaul of the system took place during this project; original design and requirements documentation were provided by the STF.

The system contains many highlights and key enhancements:

  • a new look and feel for the application, including a tab system for all of the donor information
  • a system provision to better separate the storage and administration of donations and pledges
  • a system provision to better manage directives that have been attached to the donations
  • a more powerful and user-friendly batch entry screen was designed. This includes features to populate a new batch carrying data forward from the same institution's previous batch greatly reducing data entry
  • newly designed grant tracking screens
  • a revised tax receipt generation process
  • a new set of reports to enable more accurate data analysis

ESTI would like to congratulate the Saskatchewan Teachers' Federation on this successful project and everything that it will provide for those who use it for the years to come. While working with the STF, ESTI provided project management, system design, software development, and data conversion services in order to implement the new McDowell system.

Project Team

  • Natalie Zealand - STF, Budget and Accounting Advisor, McDowell Steering Committee
  • Dwight Beech - STF, IT Advisor, McDowell Steering Committee
  • Kim Kennett - STF, Administration and Governance, McDowell Steering Committee
  • Verna Gallen - STF, Subject Matter Expert, McDowell Steering Committee
  • Lynn Brown, Brenda Grevna, Pam Driedger - STF, UAT Testing
  • Karen Williams - STF, McDowell Administrative Assistant
  • Jeff Banow - ESTI, Senior Analyst, Project Manager
  • Jemal Kobussen - ESTI, Principal Analyst
  • Bryce Allen, Chris Baranski - ESTI, Analyst