OpenWorld 2007

"All of the major new announcements coming from the big software and hardware providers this year (Dell, Sun, Oracle, etc.) are coloured Green. Current trends see companies spending more and more of their hardware budgets on powering, cooling and storing of the physical servers that run their software systems. For some large organizations this can be almost half of the cost of the servers themselves and this proportion has been growing each year.

Hardware vendors are now building their servers to use less energy. This not only reduces the electricity needed to power them but causes them to run cooler, further saving costs in cooling systems. Additionally, smaller server design allows companies to fit more hardware into the same physical space; quite an important benefit when you speak of your server farm in terms of acres." (more from Dan Simair)

"With over 41,000 attendees this year in the city of San Francisco, California, Oracle OpenWorld was billed as the most successful OpenWorld to date. The conference featured more that 1,600 sessions and more than 350 demos covering all that is Oracle. Oracle used OpenWorld 2007 as a way to showcase the newest innovations and technologies to their partners and costumers.

2007 marked the 30th anniversary of Oracle OpenWorld, and they kicked it off with Larry Ellison (Oracle CEO and co-founder) and Safra Catz (Oracle Present and CFO). Ellison gave the 30 year history of how Oracle started from a four person company to a global technology giant, and how he sold the company's first database to the CIA." (more from Geoff Beauregard)