STRP Implements Green File v4.7

In May, 2006, Green File v4.7 was released for production use at the Saskatchewan Teachers' Retirement Plan. In addition to the core file management capabilities provided by the current version of Green File, the STRP now enjoys a number of new features delivered with v4.7.

Holding Tank for Indexation

With the latest edition of the Green File software, scanned images are stored in a holding tank. This holding tank is accessed, under separate security control, by either the scanning workstation, or any other workstation on the network. This ability to access the holding tank means that any staff member can be enabled to review and index scanned documents. Now, one scanner can be used to prepare the images for several staff to index and file.

Bar Coding

Bar code technology is used in Green File v4.7 to provide efficiencies in converting paper documents into electronic images. Bar code stickers are used to denote the beginning and end of separate documents, thus allowing a large stack of paper to be added to the Holding Tank with a single click of the "Scan" button. In addition, pre-printed turnaround documents can include a bar code allowing automatic filing of the returned document using Green File. The pre-printed bar code can be used to identify the type of document, the member, and even the effective date of the document.

Jean and Jennifer file documents using the new Scanner

Automatic Stamp

New to Green File for this implementation is the addition of an Automatic Stamp function. Using a special addition to the Fujitsu scanner, and some new Green File software, the STRP system now automatically stamps the date and time on the back of each piece of paper as the paper passes through the scanner. This function eliminates the need for tedious and repetitive use of the "scanned" stamp to mark paper that has been converted to electronic images.

ESTI would like to congratulate the STRP on yet another successful implementation. For more information about Green File, please visit the product website at