Saskatchewan Scrap Tire Corporation - TRACS Oracle Migration (TOM)

The Saskatchewan Scrap Tire Corporation (SSTC) recently upgraded their tire management system, originally built using Microsoft Access, to an Oracle based system utilizing Oracle Forms, Reports and an Oracle 10G database. TOM, the new system, is short for TRACS Oracle Migration. TOM is used primarily to track tire recycling related remittances, collections, and payments as well as to provide a number of administration reports.

TOM was created to replace the Tire Remittance and Collection System (TRACS) application that had been used by the SSTC for the past several years. TRACS was developed using the Microsoft Access database and application platform. Over time, TRACS received a number of enhancements and new features to the point where it became difficult to support. Performance and stability issues began to appear as the database grew in size and complexity.

Theresa McQuoid - Executive Director, Carolyn Anderson - Administrative Assistant, Jane Relke - Accounting/Compliance Services

One factor that contributed to the upgrade was release of the Oracle Standard Edition One database. Oracle Standard Edition One provided a price point that made it an attractive platform for small and medium size business. ESTI brought to the project a strong understanding of the business functions of the Corporation which led to an application with a cost structure that was less expensive and more functional than the existing Microsoft platform.

With strong support from the SSTC team the new system was successfully implemented.

Some of the main benefits of the new TOM application are:

  • Consolidation of all contact information into one central repository.
  • Office automation to track outstanding accounts and generate appropriate letters.
  • Improved reconciliation and audit trails.
  • Improved stability, security, and recoverability.
  • Modular design to allow for much easier update and addition of features.
  • Built on industry standard and fully scalable platform.

Congratulations to the SSTC on a successful project.


  • Theresa McQuoid, Executive Director
  • Jane Relke, Accounting/Compliance Services
  • Carolyn Anderson, Administrative Assistant

ESTI Project Team

  • Shaun Herron, Principal Analyst, Project Manager
  • Ryan Gerstmar, Senior Analyst
  • Jim Russell, Analyst