OPSEU Pension Trust Rolls Out Oracle 10g Upgrade

On the weekend of August 25 - 27, the OPSEU Pension Trust rolled out a new technical infrastructure. The upgrade included sweeping changes to all elements of the hardware, system software and application software for the OPTrust's PARIS (Pension And Retirement Information System) and On-Line Service systems.

New multi-core processor servers were installed for the database and application servers. Windows 2003 server was rolled out on all servers. The latest versions (version 10g) of the Oracle database, Oracle Forms and Reports, and the Oracle Application Server were rolled out. Two "member information" databases were combined in a single database using Oracle Label Security (OLS) to provide appropriate row-level security. Every element of the PARIS and On-Line Services technical environment was affected by this upgrade.

The project achieved several important objectives at OPTrust :


  • Six production databases were combined into a single database.
  • Two application servers were combined.
  • The production environment was reduced from 5 servers to 2.

Version Update

  • The various Microsoft and Oracle systems software were brought up to the latest version.


  • The separate databases previously used for the On-Line Services application were combined with the production OPTrust database.

ESTI is pleased to congratulate OPTrust on the success of this important project. While working with the OPTrust project team, ESTI provided project management, system architecture, software development, and system integration services to OPTrust to facilitate the implementation of the OPTrust Oracle 10g upgrade.

ESTI Project Team

  • ESTI Project Manager: Simon Gadd, Partner and Principal Analyst
  • ESTI Technical Analysts: Jemal Kobussen, Stacy Lloyd
  • ESTI Senior Analysts: Daniel Simair
  • ESTI Analysts: Lawrence Cheng