Benefit System - Payment System Integration

Earlier in 2006, the TWPP/TWBP plan office identified the ongoing payments of benefits as a place where they could improve processing and reduce costs by using tools that they already had. In the fall of 2001, ESTI installed a customized version of their Payment Production System for the TWPP. This system would be used to produce the monthly pension payroll and termination payments for the plan and included all tax calculations, tax reporting, deductions and garnishments. Later, this system was also utilized to make Long Term Disability payments, also administrated at the TWPP/TWBP offices.

Sue Cameles - Benefit Clerk, Ryan Gerstmar - Technical Analyst, Jane Olsen - Payment Clerk, Doreen Harold - Benefit Clerk

Integrating the Benefit System, and specifically the Survivor benefit payment, to electronically transfer benefit payments to the Payment System was a logical evolution of the in-house administration. The Payment System produces payment by cheques and EFTs, meeting initial benefit payment requirements. It also had a flexible design allowing for quick integration and a smooth transition period.

Integrating the Benefit plan payments with the existing Payment System was initiated in the summer of 2006 after discussions with providers. The project was successfully completed with a "go live" date of September 19th, 2006. The October payment represented the first time the Survivor payments were made in house. Congratulations to the TWBP/TWPP team on reaching this milestone.

Telecommunications Workers Benefit Plan Team

  • Debbie Ellis, Administrator
  • Sue Cameles, Benefit Clerk
  • Doreen Harold, Benefit Clerk
  • Christina Boni, Benefit Clerk
  • Jane Olsen, Payment Clerk
  • Arlette Hatcher, Payment Clerk

ESTI Project Team

  • Mark Dick, Principal Analyst / CEO
  • Ryan Gerstmar, Technical Analyst