STRP releases Oracle Forms and Pension Administration System Upgrade to Production

On April 19, 2004, the Saskatchewan Teachers Retirement Plan (STRP) released a new suite of applications for production use. The new suite of applications includes a version upgrade to Oracle Forms 6i, the integration of a new pension administration application ( Penfax V3.5) and the conversion to a modified database structure. The new suite of applications is technically more current than the suite of applications that has been replaced. In addition, the move to Penfax v3.5 allows the STRP to implement some key administration transactions that will support some new business functions required at the STRP.

ESTI congratulates the STRP on this step forward. ESTI was pleased to provide a number of services to the STRP to facilitate this upgrade.

Project Management

ESTI worked with the STRP management to help ensure that the project was brought to a successful conclusion. Weekly management meetings were held to review the status of the project. Customized project tracking spreadsheets were developed to document the status of various project components.

Quality Assurance

ESTI staff worked together with the STRP staff to ensure that the project delivered a quality product for the STRP. An enhanced quality assurance methodology was used by the STRP and ESTI staff as a guideline for testing the new systems. The methodology specified a number of steps: prepare a quality assurance plan, build a "test deck" of test cases, perform User Acceptance Testing (UAT), and prepare testing documentation. In addition, a set of automated regression tests was implemented (using Winrunner ). With these automated tests the STRP can assure the quality of future releases in a very efficient and specific manner.

Conversion to 6i

ESTI has developed a number of applications for the STRP which are integrated with applications at the Saskatchewan Teachers' Federation, and with the Penfax pension administration system. ESTI provided software development services to bring these applications forward to the Oracle Forms/Reports 6i platform. ESTI also integrated these applications with the new Penfax v3.5 database structure and processes.

Facilities Support

ESTI provides support to the STRP to help keep the workstations, Oracle databases, and network servers operating smoothly. With the change-over to the new system just about to begin, the project team was forced to deal with a hardware outage that threatened the conversion process. Facilities support was provided and the STRP was able to complete the conversion as per the original plan.

ESTI Project Team


  • ESTI Technical Analysts: James Bohn, Simon Gadd
  • ESTI Analysts: Weijia Cao, Doug Lung, Maureen Perepelkin, Joel Schmaltz