Implementation of OPTrust On-Line Services

On November 03, 2003, OPTrust On-Line Services was released to the members of the OPSEU Pension Plan for production use. This new member access system is built around industry best practices in the pension administration area and also best practices in the banking industry. The technology platform used by OPTrust is the best available and has been used to make OPTrust On-Line Services both secure and highly functional.

OPTrust On-Line Services runs hand-in-hand with the OPTrust's Pension And Retirement Information System (PARIS). Through the new system members and pensioners of the OPTrust can have access to their data but not to PARIS or its associated production database.

Members and pensioners can register with the new On-Line Services using the service itself. After registration the member can change address and beneficiary information. Secure messaging is also part of the new system. Additional functionality has been developed and is already in user acceptance testing getting ready for release to the members. ESTI is pleased to congratulate OPTrust on the success of this important project to enhance service to over 73,000 members and pensioners. While working with other OPTrust partners, ESTI provided system architecture, software development, and system integration services to OPTrust to facilitate the implementation of the Member Access System.

ESTI Project Team 
  • ESTI Project Manager: George Odegard, President and CEO
  • ESTI Technical Analysts: Jemal Kobussen, Simon Gadd
  • ESTI Analysts: Tyler Forsyth, Mohammed Huq, Doug Lung


The OPTrust CAST team working on the OPTrust On-Line Services application.


The OPTrust web specialist configuring the Web Architecture.