Change in Governance at ESTI

George Odegard


Mark Dick

Things continue to change at ESTI. Through the sale of shares, more and more control of the business has shifted from the business founder, George Odegard, to the long time employees. For the past couple of years these senior people have been referred to as partners. Last summer the transition to partnership was given legal status when control of the business moved from the corporation ESTI Consulting Services to the partnership ESTI Consulting Services.

We hope that for you not much has changed. We are still working hard to give the highest quality consulting services and to continually improve on the work that we do. However, internally the governance has changed and George is taking a less active consulting role. Effective February 1, 2004 Mark Dick will take on the title of Chief Executive Officer for the partnership while George will retain the title of President. George is available to all of our clients and staff as always.

Our web site and other electronic nameplates have been updated but other things aren't as easy to change. We have just about used up our old letterhead so we expect sometime this year we will have some new paper that clearly shows our new moniker, "ESTI Consulting Services".